24 Aug 2020

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Some of the women served in administrative duties in the mainland or near combat zones. Such was the case of Technician Fourth Grade (T/4) Carmen Contreras-Bozak who belonged to the 149th Women’s puerto rican woman Army Auxiliary Corps. The 149th Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps Post Headquarters Company was the first WAAC Company to go overseas, setting sail from New York Harbor for Europe in January 1943.

There are additionally implications relative to the American citizenship carried by individuals born in Puerto Rico. Specifically, although folks born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are pure born US residents, they don’t seem to be Article 14 citizens. As such, the American citizenship of Puerto Ricans could a knockout post be taken away by the U.S. Puerto Ricans are additionally lined by a group of “elementary civil rights” but, since Puerto Rico isn’t a state, Puerto Ricans are not lined by the total American Bill of Rights. Negrón Muñoz was a prominent journalist and feminist activist. She developed campaigns of civil citizenship, around several social problems, and organized the Society for the Defense and Well-being of Children. In 1917 she founded the Women’s Temperance Society, with the purpose of emancipating the island people from the scourge of alcoholism.

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She is the first Latin woman to win an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony. External audio You may watch Marquita Rivera in “Luba Malina Cuban Pete” hereIn the cinema industry Marquita Rivera was the first Puerto Rican actress to appear in a major Hollywood motion picture when she was cast in the 1947, film Road to Rio. Other women from Puerto Rico who have succeeded in the United States as actresses include Míriam Colón and Rita Moreno. Rosie Perez, whose parents were from Puerto Rico, has also had a successful career in the cinema industry.

In 1998, she was selected as the woman of the year in Puerto Rico. Deirdre Connelly, a native of San Juan, served as President of North America Pharmaceuticals for GlaxoSmithKline from 2009 to 2015.

In this role, she developed a particular interest in pediatric AIDS. She was the first woman and the first Hispanic to hold the position of Surgeon General.

Puerto Rican women have also excelled in the fields of Physics and Physiology. In 1978, Dr. Novello joined and received a commission in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps rising all the way up to flag officer/medical director grade. Her first assignment being as a project officer at the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism and Digestive Diseases of the National Institutes of Health . She held various positions at NIH, rising to the medical director/flag rank in the PHSCC and to the job of Deputy Director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in 1986. She also served as Coordinator for AIDS Research for NICHD from September 1987.

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The unit arrived in Northern Africa on January 27, 1943 and rendered overseas duties in Algiers within General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s theater headquarters, T/4. Carmen Contreras-Bozak, a member of this unit, was the first Hispanic to serve in the U.S. Women’s Army Corps as an interpreter and in numerous administrative positions. That same year the Army Nurse Corps decided to accept Puerto Rican nurses so that Army hospitals would not have to deal with the language barriers. Thirteen women submitted applications, were interviewed, underwent physical examinations, and were accepted into the ANC. Eight of these nurses were assigned to the Army Post at San Juan, where they were valued for their bilingual abilities. Five nurses were assigned to work at the hospital at Camp Tortuguero, Puerto Rico.