An Art Story

Mohamad Khechen, the founder of “Moeshen” is a Nigerian-Lebanese art collector who took his first step as an art curator with “Strength in Unity” Art Exhibition in Lebanon. A civil engineer and a business owner by profession, Mohamad has grown fond of contemporary African art and has taking a step further by establishing an art gallery in Abuja – Nigeria, to serve as a platform for the development of Nigerian contemporary artist and other contemporary African Artists. After many visits to Beirut and Dubai’s art fairs,

he noticed that this kind of art remains widely unknown and sometimes overlooked despite its increasing value in Europe and North America. As such, Moeshen decided to introduce and promote African art to the Middle East and Europe by organizing art events. In addition, the Abuja art gallery will serve as a pivot for the unification of talented African artists and art works. “Strength in Unity” was one of Moeshen’s very first attempts to do so, which was a success.