Franklyn Enebeli


Enebeli Franklyn C. is a Nigerian artist, born in Lagos in 1974. He Pursued his education and earned O.N.D general art and H.N.D painting from the famous school of art – Auchi – Poytechnic, Edo state in 1999. The Artist is currently living and practicing in Abujam, Nigeria.

Franklyn believes that creativity is a true gift bestowed on us. Each person should dig out their creative potential and fully put it to use whether spiritually or physically. To Franklyn, by reaching out to his own creative potential, he has achieved personal contentment. With every stroke on his canvas and every shape he applies on his sculptures, he gains calmness, internal peace and satisfaction.

With more than 10 exhibitions in his record, Franklyn continues today to dig deeper in his soul to find more inspiration for his future works as he believes that every artistic search is a limitless journey.