Alimi Adewale


Alimi Adewale is a very vibrant artist who was born in 1974. He studied mechanical engineering in Ilorin, Nigeria. His Interest in art spur his going to exhibitions at a young age where he later developed his knowledge of art by undergoing various art workshop. Alimi has tried to use his Art practice to explore and personalize urban issues allude to the lives of everyday city people, which are often neglected in the drive toward excessive urbanization, rapid modern development and the growing global economy.

Alimi Adewale’s practice posits genres traditionally evoked in painting—such as portraits, landscapes, and nudes but with a contemporary expression in a profusion of rich texture and often uncommon sculptural finish.

He mines the endless possibilities of a particular

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pay someone to write my paper material to introduce an additional dimension into the work. Alimi incorporates elements of minimalism and abstraction to create an oeuvre that is distinctly current, and as witty as it is macabre.